About Us

We’re excited you stopped by, we’re a children’s boutique located in St James, New York. We offer quality children’s clothing that are stylish, comfortable and down right adorable. We have something for everyone, any style and for any occasion. We are a full service boutique that serves the needs of infant to size 8-10 for girls and infants to size 5-6 for boys.

Meet The Owner

Hi, I am Pam, the owner of My Darling Jeans. My team and I personally curate our wide variety of products to bring fashionable, unique, high quality products to customers. I am a busy mom to daughter Cameran (Cami), 2, and son Declan (Dex), 1. My passion for motherhood drove me to open our shop in St. James, NY. My Darling Jeans has everything you need to stay on top of the latest trends without all the fuss. My team and I make it easy to shop for the perfect outfit, accessory or room decor. 

Before I opened My Darling Jeans, I worked in elementary education. As a working mom I always struggled to have the right outfit and accessories for family photos, school pictures, parties, etc. I spent so much time going store to store or searching the Internet for the perfect outfit and it hardly ever worked out. Especially when it came to getting trendy outfits for my son — there were no options. 

My goal with My Darling Jeans is to help take away all that stress and let families enjoy the memories and let us worry about the outfits. 

How We Got Our Name

Just a little background on how we got our name “My Darling Jeans”. My Grandfather while in the Army would write letters to my Grandmother and start each one with “My Darling Jean”. This sweet sentiment stuck with my Grandmother so much so that my mom was given the middle name Jean and my mom passed it to me and now I have kept the tradition by naming my daughter Cameran Jean. Although my grandparents are no longer around, I know they would be proud of their “Darling Jeans”. 

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Our Specialities

  • Trendy Clothes for Babies, Boys and Girls
  • Accessories (Headbands, Shoes, Socks, Sunglasses, etc.)
  • Communion Dresses & Suits
  • Customizable Nursery Signs
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